Compensator spherical / КС-

Product description
Compensator spherical / КС-

The KC- pneumocompensator is intended for installation in the delivery line of volume pumps for clearing of pulsations.
Operation of the delivery compensator.
– to install the compensator to the delivery line of the pump;
– before work an air chamber of the compensator by means of the adapter to pump air (nitrogen) pressure of 0.3 – 0.6 from the worker;
– when passing of the pulsing liquid via the compensator, there is an impact on a diaphragm
due to availability of compressed air over a diaphragm there is a clearing of a pulsation.

Compensator spherical / КС-

Notation Name Quantity
КС-Б Cover of compensator 1
КС- Case of compensator 1
КС- Diaphragm 1
КС- Stabilizer 1
КС- Washer 1
GOST 5927-70 M12 nut 1
КС- Insert 1
GOST 22032-76 M24 hairpin 2
КС- Air-line
КС- Prokhodnik screw
КС- Laying 2
КС- Adapter assembled 1
Manometer MP3-U-250kgs 1
КС- Protection 1
КС- Arm
КС- Union
GOST 5927-70 M20 nut 6
GOST 22032-76 M20 hairpin 6
КС- Square

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